Thorough Land Clearing

Thorough Land Clearing

Improve the look and value of your property with land clearing services from Express Metals Recycling in Sun Valley, California. Our team can go in and clear out the material on a light industrial site. The land owner usually receives money for the scrap metal we remove.

Rapid Service

In some cases we can provide same-day service, though this depends on the size of the job.  Land clearing is available for any property that has lots of debris on the ground, including trash, heavy equipment, and different metals.

Interior Removal of Industrial Sites

For this service, clean out machine shops or other industrial parks that have gone out of business or closed down. We clear out the entire contents of the warehouse or storage area, disconnecting everything and gutting the entire facility. You'll get the highest prices paid for materials, as well as reliable and prompt service.

Contact us in Sun Valley, California, to learn more about land clearing.